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Fully Equipped Station

At VO2, every client gets a fully equipped workout station all to themselves for the entire session. Everyone can comfortably train at their own pace, no matter your fitness level or injuries.
You need accountability? VO2 works off of an appointment only based system. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you better believe you are getting a phone call to check up on you. Because that's how accountability should be.

Quality Coaching

VO2 is an exclusive 4 person studio. We don't squeeze 12 people in a room and call it personal training still. With 4 people you get that fun and energetic atmosphere, but it does not sacrifice the personalized coaching you need.

All Fitness Levels

VO2 modifies every workout to cater to each clients needs. No matter your age, fitness level, or limitations, VO2 has a workout designed for you!

Appointment Based

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